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The organization is certified with ISO 22000(HACCP).   The ISO 22000 (HACCP) constitutes a fundamental food Quality and Assurance system. (HACCP) refers to “Hazard Analysis and critical control Points.” The certification of the organization by the “ISO” entity indicates the adoption of the following quality standards, tactics and procedures.

-The compliance of production procedures and tactics, with food safety and hygiene standards.

The compliance, of production procedures and tactics, with food safety and hygiene standards, is achieved through the implication of procedures and tactics, which reinforce the establishment and support of the fundamental hygiene prerequisites and standards. The establishment and support of basic food quality standards, is a primary target of the quality assurance and production department.

-The organization supplies safe products:
The Quality assurance Department implements continuous measurements, to all the critical control points of processing and standardizing procedures.  The aim of continuous measurements is the prevention of all the potential dangers and parameters, which affect food safety.  For every critical control point of production, the Quality assurance department has established critical limits.  In case the measurements exceed the critical limits, the end products are characterized as unsafe. The unsafe products are either destroyed or further processed.  The identification of unsafe products sets our Quality Assurance department, responsible to identify the cause of danger and apply all the necessary corrective actions.

-Application of Quality Assurance management:

The Quality Assurance policy, appoints the ultimate commitment of the Quality Assurance and production department, to produce safe products. The staff of the prementioned departments follows and applies restrictively all the tactics, practices and methodizations, which are imposed by the Quality Assurance and management systems (HACCP: ISO 22000).


-Continuous Improvements of the Quality Assurance and Management systems, the Organization Applies.

The organization through continuous internal inspections, examines the compatibility of the measurements with the objectives of the established Quality Plan. Despite the internal Quality inspections , the Quality Assurance department keeps Internal Quality Assurance records, which determine whether the practices and methodizations included in the in the Organization’s Quality  Plan have been applied.