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1) Storage of raw materials: The raw materials are preserved in modified stockrooms, where the appropriate temperature, humidity and hygiene parameters are assured. Basic scope of the Quality Assurance Department is to preserve the freshness and the flavor of the raw materials from the point of storage, to the end products (packed  nuts and dried fruits)
2) Production and packing:

  • Sorting: One of the most crucial stages of production is  sorting. The raw materials are placed onto sorting lines and pass through destoners , where all the unsatisfactory particles and raw materials are identified and rejected.
  • Roasting and Salting: Presuming the processes mentioned above have been implemented successfully , and in accordance with the  indications of HACCP standards , the goods go on to the next stages of production , the roasting and salting processes . During the roasting and salting processes, the raw materials pass through controlled salting and roasting procedures. The  nuts are either dry roasted or oil roasted .
  • Packing of  nuts and dried fruits:  nuts and  dried  fruits are either packed raw, roasted  or roasted and salted. The goods are packed immediately in “PROTECTED ATMOSPHERE” with nitrogen, a process, which achieves the creation of protective packages. The creation of protective packages, contributes to the preservation of the freshness and the flavor of the products. Additionally protective packages contribute to the protection of goods from hazardous particles and inappropriate humidity and temperature environments.


 After the nuts and dried fruits  have passed through METAL DETECTORS, in the final stage of the packing process, they are stored in controlled conditions, until they are distributed to our customers and  eventually reach the end consumers.

The company is certified with ISO 22000. For  every production LOT,  the quality assurance department is able to immediately identify the following : 1) The  raw material,
2) The parameters of production (time and temperature of roasting, humidity of products)
factors which unavoidably guarantee the safety of the end products.